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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Button Project for a Rainy Day

I mentioned this great site recently  as a great source of ideas and inspiration. 
Here is yet again another fabulous rainy day or weekend project and great way to rejuvenate an outfit or handbag. 

Button Flowers
These gorgeous flowers can be used as broaches, sewn onto handbags or fastened to a canvas to make a beautiful artwork. You'll need an assortment of old fabrics, felt, buttons or beads and anything else that inspires you. I have my grandmother's old button collection and have added to it with vintage buttons that I find in op-shops.
If you’re making broaches, you can buy the little pins cheaply in any good craft shop or bead shop. If you know someone who sews, ask for their left-over fabrics - small prints work best. The fabric layers need to be backed with at least one piece of felt and the bottom layer needs to be at least double felt thickness.
What you need
♥  Felt (assorted colours)
♥  Assortment of old fabric
♥  Needle and different coloured thread
♥  Scissors
♥  Old buttons
What to do
I find it easiest to cut the felt out first and then sew a square of fabric under the felt piece before cutting the fabric to the right shape. Then simpy sew the button you've chosen onto the top, it's that easy! Have fun with different combinations of colours and fabrics. Here are a few simple patterns to get you started, but I recommend just using your imagination!

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