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Thursday, June 24, 2010

There is nothing better than interviewing a good friend who also happens to be a super star stylist and style director for one of my favourite magazines Real Living.
Mr Jason Grant lives, breaths and is pure style. Every inch of his amazing home has been intricately styled and every corner thought of. 
I look at these images and feel the immediate love he has for his own space and all of the beautiful things that live with him each day. After I looked at the article and slowly placed my dropped jaw back into place, I emailed Jason to say how stunned I was and that basically I would like to move in. Jason - Im still waiting for my answer...
Ok brace your selves here come the pics.... 
News flash - Mr Jason Grant has launched his very own website -
Jason is a huge fan of Bluebird & honey and will be stocking our cushions online.


*stay tuned for my 5 mins with interview with Jason. ♥ Interview - from

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