.. classic appliqué pini's are back !

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some of the best sellers for the season....

As we released the bluebird it was like a bee to honey with these pini's being the big surprise.
This reminiscent design brings back many a memory for many new mums.
The corduroy pini's have been made with a keen attention to detail and a clever combination of materials and bold appliques. The simplicity of the appliques felt silhouette mixed with the detail of buttons, intricate patterned textiles and colour coordination makes these dress delights the big hit of the season.

'Im dreaming of one in my size and as imagine it Im wearing thick cable knit tights, a longsleeve stripped top while boasting platinum blonde pigtails and a lollypop swirling through my mouth.. Oh how I wish I were a little girl again....'

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  1. These little pini's are divine. What a great word is 'pini'. I have just popped over from Babyology and think your products are gorgeous.