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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bluebird & Honey 'Lifestyle' - deciding on the perfect shot.....

Deciding on what to go with when producing a selection of images when they all seem to tell the story well in their own way.
We struggled over what images work best for bringing to the world what we know as the Bluebird & Honey look. Its tricky as the brand is cute but has a sophistication that seems to align itself with not just children but many from my generation. A friend of B&H had decided on a 'elephant cushion' as they said it. Not willing to admit that it really is a designer softie.. Who decided that toys were just for kids ?... not us... the Bluebird & Honey design team all decided that the brand was going to house products for all ages and that their common link would be that they were designed with style as the focus and a secret love of a time when things may have a been a little simpler...childhood'.

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